Web 2.0 site link building or link wheel

Build link in High Pages Rank sites or web 2.0 sites (8,9) as known as link wheel. It is very effective process of link building. If you link build through this process, you can be gained your goal in a short time. You can say that one web 2.0 site = 10,000 low PR site.

There are some popular web 2.0 sites:

* Word press
* Blogger
* Twitter
* LinkedIn
* Squidolense
* Reddit
* Hubpages
* Facebook Fan Page           
* Stumbleupon
* Xamga
* Connolea
* Yahoo answers
* Posterous
* Knol
* Alexa
* Quizilla
* Tripod
* Wikia
* Instagram
* Youtube
* Pinterest
* Xing
* Jimdo
* Angelfire
Process of web 2.0 site link building or link wheel:
* First sign up in any site of web 2.0 sites. Sign up process often same as other sites.

* You need to consider whether or not you would like your web 2.0 properties to be competent of ranking for exact keyword or phrase. Different from personal website, having a correct match is actually helpful in ranking the property.

* If you want your site to put on weight, have current importance and help your ranking, you are going to need some good content. You have to add an about page with 2-3 paragraphs about the blog and writer. You can be added 10 Post, each more than 500 words and unique to your blog.

* You want to make sure your content is properly optimized as you would for your own website. You have to establish a primary keyword for the article, find 3-5 LSI keywords to include in the article include 1-2 images in each post with KW relevant file names and alt text and include 5-10 tags with each post.

* You can be added content to your site over quite a few weeks is preferable to doing so all at once. If you are using the bare least amount reference of 10 articles, you should post two per month. You can add syndicated videos, images etc.

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