Google Panda

Condition of Google Panda
It is a transform to Google’s search results ranking algorithm. Google panda was first released on February 2011. The transform aimed to lower the rank of “low quality sites” or “thin sites”, abd return higher quality sites near the top of the search results.


*Good, standard, right content that essential for human.
* Have to update regularly.
*Unwanted link building is not required.
*It have to write good & unique content when link buildibg.
*Do not post with software.
* It has to link building in High PR sites.
* It cannot be given more ads.
*It cannot be most bounce rate.
* It has to nice design.
*It has to share through social media.
*It has to include more contents.
*Keyword relevant.
*It has to be relevant keyword.
*Visitor has to stay more time>
*It has to visit from all over the world.

*and others
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